Matrimonial Dispute Valuations

These are carried out as Single Joint Expert instructions to value property assets according to Directions of the Court under the provisions of the Family Procedure Rules 2010.

The appointment is normally made Jointly by the Parties Solicitors but may also be made directly by the Court. The report is addressed to the Court although responsibility for payment remains with the two Parties or otherwise as Directed by the Court.

Valuations are normally undertaken on the family home but property assets owned by the Parties either jointly or individually are often also included. We have experience in valuing the following under the provision of the Family Procedure Rules.

  • Residential units
  • Liscenced premises
  • Equestrian facilities
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Developments both residential and commercial including those part completed.
  • Development sites (both residential and commercial) and sites with potential.

We have extensive experience in giving oral evidence in Court regarding the valuation and also providing answers to written questions raised upon the report under the provisions of the Family Procedure Rules.