Expert Witness

We carry out Expert Witness work on Specialist property litigation matters, recent instructions have included:

  1. Acting for insurers regarding a claim of negligence carrying out a building survey.
  2. Acting for the landlord in an action from the tenant claiming Relief from Forfeiture “Freifold v. West Kensington Court Ltd” [2013]
  3. Acting for E-surv as an Expert Valuer in a claim of negligent valuation “Webb Resolutions Ltd v. Esurv” [2013]
  4. Acting for the Defendant in a claim of alleged Misrepresentation in the sale of house “Wood v. Breaker” [2016]
  5. Acting as a Single Joint Expert reporting upon the condition of a substantial house in Dulwich allegedly damaged by the Tenant.
  6. Acting as a Single Joint Expert in a case brought by a former tenant against a local council in respect of a claim for damages for unlawful termination of tenancy.